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The self-help project part two

In Self-help on September 26, 2011 at 12:14 am

Twisting, pulsating lists are bursting from my subconscious into my dreams.

After having read 70% of Getting Things Done (the Kindle is very specific on that – I’m on virtual page 207 our of 293), I’m now inspired to organise my life.

Inspired to a certain point, that is. Never underestimate the power of procrastination. There are a few things on my immediate to-do lists: Write a cover story (due last week), apply for a job, do washing up, etc. And all that I need to do, according to Dave Allen, is to spend a week or so organising everything into folders and files and lists and calendars and electronic organisers (which I’m quite geekily excited about the prospect of, I must admit). Read the rest of this entry »